AGIS Boosterthon Fun Run Info, updates, and FAQ

Leaving a Legacy !

While our 6th graders may not see the benefit of an updated and upgraded playground, they are definitely leaving a wonderful legacy for future AGIS students. They have helped AGIS crush our Boosterthon goals, and they have set big goals with their classes.

It is our hope that when these 6th graders come back to AGIS for their Senior walk, they will see and be proud of the awesome playground they helped build!

Thank you to our 6th graders and their families for being a strong part of this effort!

$50,000 Goal Achieved!!

You did it, AGIS families!! You crushed our $50,000 goal!! And the pledges continue to come in!! It's going to be an exciting finish!!

Tomorrow is the day our students have worked for ... FUN RUN day! They will run for #AGISplaygrounds!! Please be sure to send them in gym shoes and with a filled water bottle (there will be refilling stations).

We will be sharing pictures tomorrow so stay tuned for an EPIC day!

Thank you, AGIS families, THANK YOU!!

Boosterthon Goal Raised!

Thank you AGIS families!! You did it!! But we aren't stopping here. Stay tuned to our next goal!! We're going BIG!

Boosterthon Prizes!

We are so grateful for all of the pledges / donations! As a part of the Boosterthon program, prizes are awarded for reaching certain pledge levels. These prizes will be sent home each day. You can follow your student's prize progress on

NOTE: Prizes for pledges that are labeled as "pending" will be awarded when they are no longer "pending".

Want to see Dr. Detweiler on a tricycle?

We have some very exciting incentives for our students when our Boosterthon event reaches its goals.

65% of Students Registered = School Wide PJ Day

Pledges from 45 States = Dr. Detweiler will ride a tricycle around the school

$30,000 Goal Reached = Principals will work from the roof for a day

Each classroom is also setting goals and choosing incentives when they reach those goals.


We are geared up and READY! Monday officially kicks off this EPIC event! We are so excited to do this for our AGIS students ... and all future AGIS students!

We are already at 19% of our $30,000 goal and at 38% of our 50 States goal!



SHARE with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

GIVE if you are able to.

Every share and donation counts!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to these local businesses for generously supporting our Fun Run efforts:

Two Stones

Jones Painting

Fuego Eats

Hand & Stone - Glen Mills

Twelves Grill & Cafe

Dolan Law

Go Supply Company

Cricket Wireless

Solow, Hartnett & Galvan, LLC

Taylor Professional Insurance

Ruffcuts Dog Grooming

ShrinkSafe Systems LLC

Biomedix Medical

Mushroom Central Supply, Inc.

Roger Summers Lawn and Tree

Basciani Foods

Party Helpers, LLC

Signal 88 Security

Chels with a Camera

NJL Recruiting and HR Services

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

Christian Brothers Automotive - Downingtown

Oxford Plumbing & Heating, Inc

Weaver Day School

Joe Stike - Realtor

Community Link for Businesses to donate:

Are you a local business that would like to support this effort? Please email

Volunteers Needed!

We need some awesome volunteers - yes YOU! - to help us pull off this epic fundraiser!

Ways to volunteer:

1. We need daily volunteers in the afternoon to help distribute prizes that are earned through pledges. Details are inside this Sign-up:

2. We also need volunteers for the FUN RUN event day. You may signup for morning, afternoon, or all day. More details are inside this Sign-up:

3. You can also volunteer to help your AGIS students ask for pledges! Who can you ask? Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone who wants to support AGIS!

Volunteers will check-in at the AGIS Main office. You must have current District clearances on file.

THANK YOU for helping us with this effort!!

Fun Run Event Day

Our culminating event to this epic fundraiser will be Wednesday, October 27th.

Teachers, staff, and volunteers will help to run this event. We will spend the entire day celebrating the successes of our students and families earning pledges!

Here is the run schedule:

3rd Grade: 8:45-9:45

5th Grade: 10:00-11:00

6th Grade: 12:00-1:00

4th Grade: 1:45-2:45

**Due to spacing limits, spectators will not be allowed at this event**

We will be sharing the celebration with pictures and videos on our Facebook page. So, please tune in!

AGIS Playgrounds NEED Your help!

With over 1,500 students enjoying recess daily, our AGIS playgrounds need some updates! We are partnering with AGSD to help provide much needed improvements and upgrades to the two playgrounds at AGIS.

Can you help us??

Please share this community effort with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Ask for pledges! Students will run/walk 35 "Fun Run Laps". Pledges can be per lap or a flat donation. Every penny counts!

Boosterthon is coming!

AGIS Boosterthon is coming! We are SO EXCITED for the opportunity this provides our school!

We know this is a HUGE AGIS community effort! This effort will directly provide improvements and upgrades to the playgrounds at AGIS. (two playgrounds with 1,500+ students having recess daily)

Let's do this!! It's going to be AWESOME!!

Registration is OPEN!

It's time ... it's FINALLY TIME! The AGIS Boosterthon Event registration is OPEN! (we've waited TWO years!) We are excited to begin the process of raising funds to UPDATE and UPGRADE the playgrounds at AGIS!

PRO TIP: register early and be done! It will also give you time to familiarize yourself with the website and the whole process of entering pledges, following along with our progress, adding/finding businesses who are doing Corporate Matching, etc.

Go to to register your AGIS student(s). Almost all of our students were a part of a Boosterthon Fun Run when they are at Penn London. So chances are you already have a login.

It's easy to add your AGIS student(s). Simply enter their name and choose their Homeroom Teacher from the drop down menu. If you have more than one AGIS student, the new and improved Dashboard allows you to see, manage, enter pledges, etc. much easier!

Registering students earns them their first PRIZE! The prizes have also been updated and are AWESOME!

Here's a helpful video to help you with registering:

Who wants to help AGIS update and upgrade the playgrounds?

We are excited to kick off our First Annual AGI Boosterthon on October 18th. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for a new playground and to strengthen our school community. Our school has always relied on fundraising to provide exceptional opportunities to enhance student learning and we need your help. And this year, we have more needs than we've ever had before, which means we need your support more than ever.

We completely understand if your family is not in a position to financially support the school right now. You can still be involved by simply SHARING about our fundraiser with friends and extended family online at MYBOOSTER.COM. Sharing IS supporting! Just as we worked to safely begin school this year, we are also safely hosting this essential fundraiser based on our school's current guidelines. We'll send more details, as we get closer to our kick off.

Key dates to remember:


• Fundraiser Kick Off - October 18th

• Event Day - October 27th SAVE THE DATE!