Room Parent Page

THANK YOU so much for signing up to be a Room Parent in an AGIS classroom. Our teachers will greatly appreciate your help in creating their virtual community! Our Room Parent chairperson, Erica Gallagher, will be your contact person if you have any questions or suggestions. (

Below is a PDF questionnaire that you are welcome to use. This questionnaire can help you get to know your homeroom teacher better and help you in supporting them and their classroom.

Room Parents will work with the classroom teachers to determine their role. Each teacher may have different needs, asks, etc. Please coordinate your efforts with the teacher. If your homeroom teacher does not reach out, please do! It would also be great if you wanted to coordinate events and such with your homeroom teacher's switch partner.

Your tasks may include:

* Creating a class directory

* Helping to send information out to families

* Helping with class parties

* Sharing information about PTA events, projects, etc.

Important Message:

Room Parents: Please only take on this role if you are willing and able to be active in keeping the lines of communication open between the teacher and families. We will be depending on you this year! The PTA will occasionally send info directly to you to then share with families in your class. This will include Teacher Appreciation events in the spring, any events we may need help “spreading the news” like our Fall Book Fair, Country Christmas, etc.

As a reminder, Note: Any information that is shared by the classroom teacher with the Room Parent is not to be shared and is considered confidential. The AGIS PTA Room Parent Chairperson will have the contact info for the Room Parents so that she will be able to connect and share information.

Letter to teacher from ROOM PARENTS.pdf